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EMDR for Therapists

If you are a therapist who has completed EMDR Basic Training and are interested in getting consultation hours for certification, I am here to help! 


I am currently an EMDRIA Consultant in Training offering both individual and group consultation hours. I am privileged to work with a fantastic Approved Consultant, Nancy Rumley Soliz, MS, LMFT, RPT-S as I work towards becoming a consultant myself. 


The certification process can seem overwhelming, so my goal is to create a supportive and encouraging space that can allow you to grow your skills. I seek to cultivate a consultation practice that enables clinicians to leave each consultation more confident in their ability to integrate EMDR into their work. I want clinicians to feel safe to share with vulnerability so that real growth can happen. It has been such a privilege to learn from other clinicians and I am constantly in awe of the incredible work being done by therapists right now. You are all amazing!


For group consultation, I am limiting the number of participants to 4 clinicians total so that everyone can get the feedback they need. The cost of each two hour group is $75. For individual consultation, the cost for one hour of supervision is $100. All consultation is provided virtually through Google Meet in order to make consultations more accessible for all. 


If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please use my contact form.

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