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Three colorful circles representing the logo of Anne Wiik Therapy.

Compassionate Care, Anywhere

Anne Wiik, a therapist, sitting on a couch in a white shirt and jeans.

Anne Wiik, LCSW

providing person-centered and culturally informed therapy in California, Texas, and Maine

I seek to work with clients to help manage current stressors and also address past issues that might be interfering with well being. Most importantly, my goal is for us to work together to help you feel better and get relief.

A desk with a chair in front of it, belonging to Anne Wiik.

I am here to help

whatever you need,
I am ready to work with you.



Connect by phone to discuss what you are looking for in therapy and whether I could be a good fit for your specific needs.


Individual Sessions

Take steps towards personal growth and positive change in our individualized, one-on-one therapy sessions.


EMDR Intensive Sessions

Experience transformative healing and relief from trauma through focused EMDR therapy sessions designed to bring lasting change.

I am prepared to help

if you feel lost, I am ready to help you.

A grey circle

Person-Centered Therapy

Nurturing personal development through compassionate understanding and collaborative exploration in therapy.

A pink circle

EMDR Therapy

Healing from trauma using a researched based protocol that helps process memories and supports emotional recovery.

A green circle

Mindfulness Therapy

Integrating present awareness and self-compassion to foster emotional resilience and promote well-being.

A blue circle

Ego State Therapy

Exploring and integrating different aspects of the self to promote healing and wholeness.

I uphold these values

finding help can be overwhelming,
I strive to be a person you can trust

Compassionate Care

Providing a safe and empathetic space where clients feel heard, understood, and supported on their journey toward healing and growth.

Personalized Approach

Tailoring therapeutic interventions to each individual's unique needs, fostering a collaborative and effective path to well-being.

Evidence-Based Practice

Integrating well-researched and evidence-based therapeutic approaches to ensure the highest quality of care and outcomes.

Culturally Inclusive

Creating an inclusive and culturally sensitive environment that respects and embraces diverse backgrounds and identities.

Anne Wiik's table features a stack of books, a pair of glasses, and a computer mouse in the picture.

I would love to work with you

reach out to me when you are ready

A therapist named Anne Wiik, wearing a white shirt, smiling warmly.

Schedule a complimentary fifteen minute phone consultation to see if I could be a good fit for your virtual therapy needs.

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