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I am here to help you get EMDR certified! 

The certification process can seem overwhelming, so my goal is to create a supportive and encouraging space that can allow you to grow your skills. I seek to cultivate a consultation practice that enables clinicians to leave each consultation more confident in their ability to integrate EMDR into their work. I want clinicians to feel safe to share with vulnerability so that real growth can happen. It has been such a privilege to learn from other clinicians and I am constantly in awe of the incredible work being done by therapists right now. 


Consultant in Training

I am currently an EMDRIA Consultant in Training, offering both individual and group consultation hours. I am privileged to work with a fantastic Approved Consultant, Nancy Rumley Soliz, MS, LMFT, RPT-S as I work towards becoming a consultant myself.

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Provide Comprehensive Care

EMDR is a standardized model with standardized protocols. However, we as human mental health clinicians are far from standardized. It is my belief that in order to authentically integrate this model and make it successful, we must also be aware of our unique clinical strengths and perspectives. When EMDR is administered without integration, the process can come across as cold and unfeeling. If the therapist is able to deeply understand the model and method, they can present EMDR in a way that connects to the client and grows the therapeutic relationship. This process of integration looks different for each person. It is my goal to work with clinicians to allow them to get to this point where they are bringing themselves, their styles, and their clinical background in a way to make EMDR its most effective and meaningful.

Current Offerings


$100 for 1 hour individual consultation

$50 for 2 hour group consultation

Advanced EMDR Consultation Groups

These groups have become a favorite part of my practice. They provide a meaningful opportunity to connect and gain insight into the very challenging work we do. I am honored to work with the incredible clinicians who join me each month.

You might be the right fit for this group if you have been practicing EMDR for a while, are interested in discussing advanced trainings and applications, and enjoy a collaborative style. The majority of group members are EMDR certified or almost EMDR certified. The cost for the group is $50 for two hours and is limited to 5 clinicians total. All groups are conducted virtually.

Third Thursday of the Month (starting January 18th) 10am-12pm CST
First Thursday of the Month (Starting February 1st) 10am-12pm CST
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I would love to work with you

reach out to me when you are ready

Schedule a complimentary fifteen minute phone consultation to see if I could be a good fit for your therapy needs. 

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