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Therapist Resources

Recommended Training

I have to be honest reading therapist training descriptions always gets me pumped up! There is so much good content out there.  Here are some trainings I have been personally thankful to learn from and that deepened my understanding of how to integrate EMDR into my practice authentically. These trainings are for those who have already completed EMDR Basic Training and would like to engage in more advanced training.


The Flash Technique & EMDR
Philip Manfield, Ph.D. & Lewis Engel, Ph.D.

Books and Podcast

The following books and podcasts have all been immeasurably helpful in growing my knowledge and understanding of EMDR and its applications. All of these authors and podcasters present in a user-friendly and approachable way I appreciate.

Resource Links

The world of EMDR continues to expand and create new spaces for clinicians to connect and grow. Here are some places I enjoy visiting for knowledge and inspiration!

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